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Church planting is the single most effective way to evangelize and reach the lost, which is the very reason we've felt led to plant a church just west of Boston, a powerful city that desperately needs the gospel.

The City of Boston exerts a global influence, as a center of business, information exchange, innovation, higher education and political engagement. The Greater Boston area is home to over 8.1 Million people, making it the 6th largest population area in the United States.

Though Boston is an iconic American city, less than three percent of the population knows Jesus Christ and the hope of the gospel. Boston has been called a church planter’s graveyard because of the difficulty of the work, but the need and the potential for gospel renewal compel us to go and make Jesus known.

A compelling vision begs practical questions. We hope this website will help you find out the basics of who we are, what we plan to do, and what we need to do it. We hope you’ll be encouraged by God’s grace in our lives, and consider partnering with us for the glory of God and the good of Boston.

Photo by Amanda Barker.

Photo by Amanda Barker.

Photo © David Salafia

Photo © David Salafia


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